Our ministries
We believe that serving God is not an add on to the Christian life but a response to the grace and work that He has done for us. We aim to serve God and serve people out of obedience and a desire to point people to Jesus.
Kingdom Kids
Kingdom Kids is another one of our children’s ministries which seeks to teach kids about who God is and how he has revealed himself in the Bible.

Each year we work through a particular theme and explore this through stories, small groups, games, quizzes, crafts, leader challenges, snacks and general mayhem. It’s like a holiday Bible club, only all year round. This gives us a greater chance to get to know the kids. This is massively important to us as we try to share our lives and testify to God’s goodness not only to the children but also to their families.

Kingdom Kids is for children from P1 - P7.

Every Monday night from September - June during the term time. Doors open at 6.30pm.
When we gather on sunday mornings we recognise the importance of truly worshipping our God.

In loving and caring for the children we want to enable people to fully engage with the Sunday worship.

Within creche we enjoy structured play, stories, snack and songs. It would also be safe to say we change a fair amount of nappies!

Creche is available for babies and toddlers from birth up to their pre-school year. Once children enter their pre-school year they move on to Stepping Stones.

Creche is available from the beginning of church and runs for the duration of the morning service.
Parent & Toddler Group
Mango Tots started as a result of our church baby boom. We also thought it was a great way to provide somewhere for people in our community to come along and have a bit of a chat while the children play around and test our energy levels!

The aim of Mango Tots is to provide a safe and comfortable environment for parents and carers, giving them the opportunity to meet with friends old and new - plus it’s great way for the children to have fun and burn off some of their seemingly unlimited energy! We hope that they will find support and encouragement from people in similar circumstances to their own. They do of course get to enjoy some coffee and chocolate cake as well.

Any parents, guardians or carers with babies or young children are welcome to drop in. Every Friday morning from 10.15am until 11.45am during school term times.
Pre-school Sunday School
Our aim in stepping stones is simple - we want to introduce our children to the basic truths about God, giving them a foundation before they head off to Sunday School.

Stepping Stones was created as a clear need arose with children out-growing creche but not being quite settled and ready for the more structured Sunday School setting.

The materials we use are from Scripture Union. Each week there is a story from the Bible which is reinforced through play, singing, drama and crafts.

Stepping Stones is for children in their pre-school year.

Every Sunday from September - June during the morning service. Children leave the main service to come out to Stepping Stones at approx 10.20am.
Sunday School
Our aim is to teach children to fall in love with God for who He is and not just what He does for them. We pray for the kids and teach them the Bible. We seek to model grace and be honest with them about our own Christian walk. We work with the children, with the understanding that it is God who really teaches through His Spirit and that it is His word that carries authority and changes hearts. We sing songs, we pray together, we have remembery verses, games and crafts where it complements the lesson.

Twice a year we take over the Sunday Service - at Christmas and an Open Day in May/June. Plus we raise money each year for our chosen charity/ministry which is the Little Hearts Orphanage in India.

Sunday Club is for children from P1 - P7. Every Sunday from September - June during the morning service.
Youth Work
Youth ministry at GBC is rooted in the truth that all of creation has been made by and, for God. Everything He has called into existence has been to display and bring glory to Himself. As human beings created in the image of God, we find joy, meaning, beauty, identity, security and our ultimate purpose in doing the same. All that we seek to do as a youth ministry emerges from this reality.

Young people from 1st year +

Fringe Late - 1st - 3rd Year. Alternate Sunday nights at 8.30pm.
Fringe - 1st - 3rd Year, during the morning service on alternate Sundays.
Brink - 4th Year +. Alternate Sunday nights at 8.30pm.

Boys and Girl groups (for Brink age) which happen on a week night every other week.
Women's Ministry
The women’s ministry in our church seeks to equip women in their understanding and application of the Bible and to have time to meet together to deepen relationships.

Connect, our women’s minstry comes in different forms. We currently have two regular Bible Studies where we get stuck into the word using the Precept Bible Study materials.

We have monthly events where women can get together and get to know each other better, doing everything from social events to teaching and testimony nights.

You can get involved in prayer chains as we support and rejoice with each other in prayer through the good times and the tough times.

We have a weekly Bible Study on Tuesdays, fortnightly Bible Studies on Wednesdays plus monthly events and other activities.
Men's Ministry
The men’s ministry in our church seeks to equip men in their understanding and application of the Bible and to have time to meet together to deepen relationships.

We have a regular Bible Study where we get stuck into the word using the Precept Bible Study materials.

Momentum is our regular social event where men can get together doing all manner of things and get to know each other better. They provide an informal environment to bring friends along to.

The Bible Study happens fortnightly on Tuesdays.
The regular social events times vary depending on the activity.
Ministry to the Elderly
MEG aims to show God’s love in practical ways to the elderly members within our community by befriending, visiting, caring, listening, chatting, sharing, doing and ministering in Christ’s name.

There are many in our community with needs, concerns and who struggle with loneliness. The aim of MEG involves seeking to meet these needs where possible. Over the past year, MEG have been involved in visitation to the individual homes of elderly people and to nursing homes within the community. These times usually involve chatting and listening with those involved. Where the need has arisen, MEG have been able to assist in other ways, such as providing transport to appointments.

MEG lead regular services in the local nursing homes on Sunday afternoons. We also have at least 3 special events throughout the year and are available for home visits.
Christians Against Poverty
CAP aims to show God’s love in action by providing sustainable poverty relief through debt counselling, budgeting advice and practical help.

It’s almost impossible to condense the work of CAP into one side of a postcard. Christians Against Poverty is a national debt counselling charity working through a network of centres in partnership with local churches. CAP offers hope and a solution to anyone in debt through its unique, in-depth Free service. We use a combination of face-to-face home visits, budgeting advice, debt management, creditor negotiations, insolvency services and befriending.

Our approach empowers people to help themselves out of poverty and be released from the devastating effects of unmanageable debt. These effects range from fear, stress, illness, missed meals, family breakdown and even suicide. When possible we also provide emergency food hampers through our local Food Bank.
Small Group Collective
Our small groups are a great way for people in our church to connect with each other, pray together, support each other, find accountability and get a chance to chat around the word of God and work out how to apply what we learn. God called us into community with other believers and Small Groups are one of the ways we attempt to help people find genuine relationships and fellowship.

Groups meet on a weekly or fortnightly basis to study God’s word, pray and support each other as we seek to live lives that reflect God’s glory. The groups offer an opportunity for socials and a place to connect with others. Our small groups meet in various locations and all look a bit different. Our studies follow the sermon series for most of the year but groups work through other studies as well.

Most groups meet on a Thursday night with one or two exceptions
Saturday Morning Cafe
Mango Tree is our Saturday morning cafe. It is a place where local people can sit down, have a chat and a cuppa. We’ve got a lot of talented bakers who provide yummy treats every week and we try to make the environment a relaxing and welcoming one.

Any profits or proceeds made from our donations box are put back into the community or overseas missions work so that needs can be met and God’s name can be made known in Greenisland and beyond.

Mango is open on Saturdays throughout the school term from 10am to 12pm.

Local & Global Mission
From the beginning our church has had the belief that God’s kingdom is a much bigger picture than just ourselves. We recognise that GBC is a small part of a wider church body and we have a responsibility to play an active part in this.

Over the years we have worked as a church to encourage people to grasp that God’s church stretches far beyond our own local body of believers and that we should have a heart for seeing His Kingdom expanded across the world.

We have had numerous people from our church sent out on long and short term missions work. We also support other missions organisations and we have a work team who undertake regular building projects.

We have sent people to Romania, Nigeria, Peru, India, Moldova, Malawi, Indonesia, Madagascar and Spain to name a few.