November Update

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‘The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.’


Last Sunday we gathered for our Celebration of Light Service where we considered the true light of the world – Jesus. The above verse (John 1: 5) reminds us that His light shines as a beacon of hope for a world in darkness.


We live in a broken world marred by the consequences of sin. Lost in the dark we have no way of saving ourselves and finding our way back to God. Therefore, Jesus’ coming is the most important thing to ever happen. He knows how to fix this broken world because He made it! Life is found in Him and comes through Him, as a light shining in the darkness:


  • revealing our sin, helping us realize our need of God’s mercy.
  • warming our hearts so they are changed to turn back to God.
  • guiding us as we spend time in God’s Word
  • giving us joy and eternal life


Jesus is the true light. No other can show us the truth about God and ourselves.

Look, do you see how willing He is to save you? Have you welcomed His light in your heart? And if you have will you follow Him and reflect His light to a world in darkness?

November At A Glance


Nov 1                     9.30/11am            Morning Worship: Hezekiah – Praying Potentate

                                7pm                       Rhythms of Grace – Prayers of the Saints (Zoom)

Nov 2                     7.30pm                  Growth Group: Men’s Precepts (Zoom)

Nov 3                     10am                      Growth Group: Ladies Precepts (Zoom)

                                7.30pm                  GBC Members Meeting (Zoom)

Nov 4                     8pm                        Growth Group: 2 Corinthians (Zoom)

Nov 5                     7.30pm                  Growth Group: 1 John (Zoom)

                                8pm                        Growth Group: Haggai (Zoom)

Nov 8                     9.30/11am            Morning Worship: Hezekiah – Higher Throne

                                6pm                        GBC Youth (Zoom)

                                7pm                        Rhythms of Grace – Table Talk (Zoom)

Nov 9                     7.30pm                  Growth Group: Men’s Precepts (Zoom)

Nov 10                   10am                      Growth Group: Ladies Precepts (Zoom)

                                7.30pm                  GBC Leadership Meeting (Zoom)

Nov 12                   8pm                        Growth Group: Haggai (Zoom)

Nov 15                   9.30/11am            Morning Worship: Hezekiah – Crown in Crisis

                                6pm                        GBC Youth (Zoom)

                                7pm                        Rhythms of Grace – Window on the World (Zoom)

Nov 16                   7.30pm                  Growth Group: Men’s Precepts (Zoom)

Nov 17                   10am                      Growth Group: Ladies Precepts (Zoom)

Nov 18                   8pm                        Growth Group: 2 Corinthians (Zoom)

Nov 19                   7.30pm                  Growth Group: 1 John (Zoom)

                                8pm                        Growth Group: Haggai (Zoom)

Nov 22                   9.30/11am            Morning Worship: CAP Celebration Service

                                6pm                        GBC Youth (Zoom)

                                7pm                        Rhythms of Grace – Spotlight (TBC)

Nov 23                   7.30pm                  Growth Group: Men’s Precepts (Zoom)

Nov 24                   10am                      Growth Group: Ladies Precepts (Zoom)

                                7.30pm                  Growth Group: Book Club – ‘You’ll get through this’  by Max Lucado

Nov 26                   8pm                        Growth Group: Haggai (Zoom)

Nov 29                   9.30/11am            Morning Worship: Thanksgiving (All Age)

                                TBC                         Evening Worship: Christmas Card Distribution

                                 6pm                        GBC Youth (Zoom)

Nov 30                   7.30pm                  Growth Group: Men’s Precepts (Zoom)

November Services

Morning Services - Sundays at 9.30am and 11am


We’ll be concluding our series in 2 Kings looking at the life of King Hezekiah and his battle for belief. We’ll also be holding a CAP (Christians Against Poverty) Celebration Service and our All Age Service will be focused around Thanksgiving!

Here’s how it looks:

Nov 1             HEZEKIAH – Praying Potentate (Pastor Jonny McGreevy)

Nov 8             HEZEKIAH – Higher Throne (Pastor Jonny McGreevy)

Nov 15          HEZEKIAH – Crown in Crisis (Pastor Jonny McGreevy)

Nov 22          CAP Celebration Service

Nov 29          Thanksgiving (All Age Service)


Morning Services will take place in the building and be split by surname.

Please read this blog post for further info on registration:


The 11am service will be livestreamed and can be accessed via the following channels:

GBC Homepage

YouTube Channel

Evening Services

RHYTHMS OF GRACE – Sundays at 7pm via Zoom

These Zoom services speak into key areas of church life, discipleship and mission. They also present the opportunity for the whole church to gather together virtually.



Here’s the plan for November:

Nov 1             Prayers of the Saints (Jim Murdoch)

Nov 8             Table Talk (Stephen Broad)

Nov 15          Window on the World (SIM Zimbabwe)

Nov 22          Spotlight (Dr David Glass)

Details for joining these services have been included in the covering email.

Sunday Nov 29 – Save the Date!

Every year we distribute thousands of Christmas cards around Greenisland. Last year we gave out around 3000! This year we hope to be able to distribute our GBC Christmas Card on Sunday November 29. We’re asking you to please save the date. We will be in touch with more information around logistics closer to the time.

News and Events

Growth Groups

Growth Groups are underway now but it’s not too late to sign up! Here are the options:

Book Club


Growth Groups provide a place to meet in a smaller group to study God’s Word. This season all our groups are running on Zoom.

Please note November’s pick for the Book Club:


‘You’ll get through this’ by Max Lucado considers the Old Testament story of Joseph and the great truth that God wove what was meant for evil into good. You can purchase a copy of the book here:


Full details for all our Growth Groups can be found here:


GBC Kids and Youth

This month our Sunday Club Resource is produced by Brookside Presbyterian Church. Each episode focuses around a TV show including Bargain Hunt, The Great British Bake Off and Garden Rescue. This will be sent out weekly to our Sunday Club families.

For families attending Sunday Services in the building there will be worksheets available linking to the teaching in the service. Please remember to bring stationary with you.

For more info on Sunday Club or to be added to the mailing list please contact:


YouthYouth Zooms will pick up again on Sunday Nov 8 at 6pm. This is open for Year 8s – Upper 6ths and includes time to connect, study and discuss the Bible together. For more info on Youth please contact:


Our friends at Scripture Union Northern Ireland have produced a helpful resource called: Times like these. We want to highlight a conversation that took place this week between our own Phil Howe and Ed Drew from ‘Faith in Kids’ thinking about family discipleship Church As Family // Family As Church is available to watch now:


GBC Member’s Meeting – Tues Nov 3

This meeting will take place via zoom at 7.30pm. Zoom details and documentation for the meeting has been emailed through to church members. Please take time to read through in advance. If you haven’t received this information please contact Pat Rankin by emailing:

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