GBC Mission Partners

Mission Partners at GBC

We support various missionaries and agencies. Below are those we currently support either financially or prayerfully or both.

Member Missionaries

The following are members of GBC are supported both financially and in prayer as well as having pastoral support.
Mrk and Hannah

Mark and Hannah Beattie

Currently working in Japan serving the Lord in ‘tent making’ ministry. They are working alongside a church in Matsubushi involved in various ministries within the church such as teaching, and discipleship. Please remember them in prayer.

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Clive and Kathryn

Clive and Kathryn have been serving on the mission field for over 10 years. Clive is from Carrickfergus and was raised in Ghana where his parents were Wycliffe Translators. Kathryn is from Florida, but considers herself as Northern Irish. Clive was a pilot flying executive jets and Kathryn was an airline stewardess. They both attended Belfast Bible College prior to going to SE Asia where Clive flew missionary planes, first with World Team then with JAARS. The returned to Ireland to pursue a Master degrees. They are involved in work now in various location in SE Asia, both in sharing the gospel and discipleship.

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Agencies with GBC Members

We support the work of mission organisation where we have GBC members on staff. 

Mike Ewan Content to follow SIM LOGO
Phil Howe Working with churches, Scripture Union aims to make God’s Good News known to children, young people and families and to encourage people of all ages to meet God daily through the Bible and prayer. Their 3 main areas of ministry are; Schools Ministry, Camps & Missions along with their Training & Resources Department.  Phil Howe a member of GBC, works as the Training & Resources Manager for the movement. SUNI

Baptist Missions

We support the work of our Association of Baptist Churches in Ireland Missions department. We have various speakers from Baptist Missions along who we pray for, but also support financially one family in particular.

Paul & Kate McFarland As a Baptist church we support the work of our Association's Irish Baptist Missions. We currently partner with Paul & Kate McFarland who work with the church in Youghal in Co, Cork in the Republic of Ireland  BM Logo

Missionaries who we partner with in prayer

We support the work of other agencies, some of which have GBC members on staff.

Des and Lynn

Des and Lynne Harper have served since the early 1970s with OM Ships, OM India, OM Pakistan/EastWard Bound, and with OM in the UK and Ireland, mostly involved with international teams in evangelism and training, with a special focus on Muslims, Hindus and Sikhs. Currently they have been seconded by OM to work with an evangelical Anglican church, planted over a decade ago in Sheffield city centre, with a gospel team that is reaching Muslims, with a special focus on the large settled Mirpuri (Pakistani) and Sylheti (Bangladeshi) communities which are relatively unevangelised/resistant.

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Supported Agencies / Projects / Teams

We support the work of other agencies, some of which have GBC members on staff.

Rabboni Rabboni Mercy Trust run the Rabboni Mercy Orphanage. Bangalore, India. It is a small registered charity (ref NIC100523) that Mike & Shona Ewan and a small group of trustees are involved with. It works in partnership with an Indian pastor and his wife in Bangalore who care for around 25 of these children. We have been supporting this work since we first met Pastor Raja and Jebasheela in 2004 VimeoClick to view videos about the work.
  Jose and Noemí Castejon work with Radio Vida, a Christian radio station in Southern Spain. We have partnered with them over a number of years, including sending teams out to help with building work. We continue to support them in prayer. Radio Vida

Prayer Initiatives

Below is two prayer initiatives that as a church we are part off.

Adopt a People

We as a Church have committed to join the ‘Pray to Zero’ initiative in conjunction with Frontiers Ireland. There are 768 different Muslim people groups in the world with a population over 100000. There are, as of January 2018, the number of unengaged Muslim people groups was 179, a fall from 300 in 2000, and we believe God wants to see that number reach zero!

We have ‘Adopted’ the Luwu people of the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia.

The Luwu

·      Population: 290,000

·      Country: Indonesia

·      Language: Tae’

·      Main Religion: Islam

·      Scriptures: None available

·      Pray that God’s Kingdom would come and His will be done among the Luwu

       Matthew 6:10

Click above for Frontiers UK site

30 Days Each year we join thousands around the world to pray for the people of Muslin World during Ramadan. Click above for 30 days Prayer UK site